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An aging humanist hanging on to the idea that there is hope for humankind — against all current indications.

In my underworld

I have many interests — too many I sometimes think. After a long academic career, I enjoyed a second full career as a magazine writer and editor. Along the way, I continued a passion for photography. My photos have been included in exhibits, featured in a National Park Service calendar…

Although in Puerto Rico it’s always summer

There’s a group on Facebook that posts photos taken during the pandemic. A single photo is accepted from each member and it must be of their view from a window or porch — with no people or pets — just the things seen outside by someone inside. …

But are they?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

Not all roses are red, of course, so that is a non-issue. But violets? Why would something that is blue be called a violet? That verse must have been written by a man. As it turns out…

My writing space

I have several spaces in my home for my different interests, but only one for writing. My writing room — my office — was once the back porch of our house when it was first built exactly half a century ago.

The original house was a modest structure, one that…

Some food for thought

“Nothing succeeds like excess,” George pontificated from his perch a few feet higher than his fellow students on the terrace of the cafeteria at the University of Puerto Rico. …

Six Word Photo Story: Freestyle

Or playing the plague; your choice

Yup, it’s that time again. The oracle from the orphanage reawakens. I’m not sure how long it has been since last I wrote to you. How do you keep track of time in a world skidding toward a halt by a microscopic villain?

For me it has been through schizophrenic…

Observations on obsolescence

Author’s Note: These are (heavy and light) comments I have read online about old age and dying made by my contemporaries. Some I lightly edited for brevity or clarity. All I have reformatted.

Have I lived too long?
Is it possible to outlive life?

I watch old movies:
The movies stars…

But you need to know the maître d’…

Flores is Flowers

Of my true love’s garden

My wife loves white flowers and I try to grow as many as I can. Pleasing her may be one of the reasons we have succeeded as a couple for nearly sixty years. (That and a few other reasons. You can read them HERE, if you are curious.)

However, this…

Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle

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